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The agriculture world is in the middle of a technological revolution now more than ever field data is more imperative than ever. Farmers need to be able to see what is going on in their fields within hours not weeks. Farmers need to have accurate data that can be interpreted and communicated effectively so that they can make successful decisions that will impact the bottom-line. Drone imaging is providing a countless amount of data for growers from watering patterns to estimating yields drone imaging can provide a quick and accurate data to our field staff and customers so that they can be ahead of the game. We have highly trained drone imaging staff who can fly up to thousands of acres a week and spot/predict field stress, weed growth, field disease, drainage issues weeks before they become significant issues. Our drone staff and field staff work hand-in-hand to analysis and develop the best strategies for each customer. We realize that drone imaging isn’t a cure-all and won’t replace our field staff we use it as another tool in our arsenal to provide superior service to our customers.

Drone and the Future of Farming National Geographic

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